The Adopt-a-Street Program was created by two City residents in the vein of Caltrans’s Adopt-a-Highway Program but on a local scale. The Program is designed to offer our community a unique opportunity to not only volunteer, but to connect with other community members and to help make our City a bit more beautiful.

Suisun City is in a very unique geographic location. Its southern border is the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area. The Wildlife area contains the largest contiguous brackish water marsh left in the Country (west of the Mississippi). All storm drain inlets within in City limits drain into either the Harbor or into the Wildlife area. The Wildlife area drains into Grizzly Island Bay. Grizzly Island Bay then drains under the Carquinez Bridge into the northern portion of the San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay). The San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay) drains directly into the Pacific Ocean. This makes us direct stewards of the environment and any single piece of trash that is picked up, is one less piece that ends up with our waterways!


The Adopt-A-Street Program is intended to provide residents with an avenue for enhanced community engagement and along with a meaningful opportunity for volunteers to help in removing trash. Volunteer efforts help to beautify the City in its high visibility areas and help to keep the environment clean.


We welcome any residents of Suisun City to adopt-a-street!
● Individuals
● Households
● Businesses
● Religious groups

● Community organizations

● Schools ( the school itself or school clubs)
● Students/teachers


Because this Volunteer Program that is sponsored by the City of Suisun City, residents are likely to be able to adopt any street within Suisun City limits. Note that all proposed street/volunteer locations are reviewed first to ensure that the street/volunteer location is able to meet all safety guidelines for volunteer safety.


Volunteer Clubs and/or individual volunteers will be provided with a “clean-up” kit that will consist of garbage pickers, gloves, garbage bags, and hi-visibility safety vests. Volunteers will commit two (2) years with the program and to removing trash on their adopted street/location a minimum of six (6) times per year.

Once a clean-up event is completed, trash bags are filled will be put in a specific, pre-determined location. The Club or individual volunteer will then notify the Program, via email, how many trash bags are ready to be picked-up. We ask that bags are filled to at last 3/4 full to save bags and the environment. The City will then pick-up the bags on the next working day. Volunteers are also encouraged to take before and after photos of their adopted area on clean-up days and to monitor any changes or disruptions. Changes or disruptions should be reported to the Volunteer Program Managers who will then report the issues to the City.


  1. Contact volunteer program managers at:
  2. Sign and complete Program forms which include an Agreement & Waiver of Liability Form
  3. Forms are reviewed by volunteer program managers and processed
  4. Once approved, the volunteer program managers will send a safety orientation
    PowerPoint, a starter kit, and will coordinate proposed dates of clean-up
  5. The proposed location is reviewed to ensure it meets safety standards
  6. Then volunteers are all set to clean-up their area.

For more information and to get started on volunteering with the Program, please contact Volunteer Program Managers, Amany and Gisell, at


To honor of our amazing volunteers participating in this Program and helping to make a better City and to help protect the environment, the City will erect an Adopt-A-Street Program sign that is posted on the street that is adopted. The sign will include the name of the group adopting the street. This sign will be approved after each group participates in two (2) cleans up. Note the signs are ordered on an individual basis and will need to be manufactured and then sent to the City. Installation of the signs will be as Public Works Maintenance’s schedule allows.


● Walters Road
● Sunset Avenue
● (New) Railroad Avenue
● Humphrey Drive

  • Central County Bike Path (parallels Highway 12)
  • Grizzly Island Trail
  • Downtown / Promenade

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to get involve with other local non-profits and short-term volunteer opportunities, here are some organizations:

● Suisun City Clean Team
● Adopt-a-Neighborhood Program (coming soon)

● Food Bank of Solano & Contra Costa County ( – Program runs out of the Kroc Center

● Solano County Meals on Wheels ( – Program runs out of Marina Center

  • Volunteer Match will provide local or close to local volunteer opportunities (